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Food Diet Favorite 3 K-Pop Star

Food Diet Favorite 3 K-Pop Star
  Jakarta Having a pretty face, slender body and attractive appearance is a must for every K-Pop Idol. Demands of the profession, requiring them to keep eating so that their body remains slim. As a fan of Korean artists, of course you are very curious about what kind of diet they consume every day so that they are able to lose weight drastically.
Reporting from Myfatpocket, Tuesday (12/13/2016), every day, there is always a new diet that is applied by Korean women. But you know, what foods are consumed by the three K-Pop Idol the following beautiful.

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Seo In Young
This beautiful actress chose bananas as a healthy food for diet. He claimed to have lost 6kg in just four weeks. For breakfast, the fruit can be consumed as much as you like and can be consumed in the form of fruit or in juice form. Meanwhile, there is no limit for lunch and dinner if the stomach is filled to 80%. Not to forget to drink water as much as possible and sleep at least seven hours each day.
Although Young's style diet allows you to consume bananas as much as desired, it is better to consult your physician first. Because, this yellow fruit has a high calorie content of about 60-180 calories. In addition, unripe bananas are also rich in potassium, which is not recommended for those who have problems with the kidneys.
Park Bo Ram
Bo Ram had lost 32 kg of diet 3 Paper Cups this unique diet. The paper cups are drafted in to control the portions of food every day. It takes only 3 cups and fill each with carbohydrates, protein and fiber for 3 times a day. You may be able to fill the cup with a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and meat. However, the amount of which will be filled into the cup is different for every meal. For breakfast and lunch, you should have 1 cup of carbohydrates (allowed rice, noodles or bread), 1 cup of fiber (vegetables or fruits) and half a cup of protein (meat). As for dinner almost the same, just that you have to reduce the carbohydrates to be half a cup only.
This diet will train kretivitas, because you will be able to adjust the mix of food and provide nutrients for each food consumed. However, for those who have a solid enough activity, this diet is not very advisable. Because, this diet is not able to provide enough energy for you to meet daily needs.
Kim Hyuna
Hyuna is a strong supporter of the Non White Diet. Yep, a case name, they are anti with food that is white. Proponents of this diet believe that most white foods contain a high amount of carbohydrates that cause blood sugar to rise rapidly and cause obesity.
Foods like white rice, white potatoes, white beans, white sugar, solid fat (white cheese and butter) and foods with refined sugar composition and white flour (such as white bread, pasta, cakes and pastries) will be eliminated. These foods can be replaced with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables.
The exception, white foods that may be consumed is cauliflower, white teur, turnips, milk, whole fish and white meat poultry. It's good before following this diet you should consult with your doctor, because the non-White Diet is not supported by legitimate science. In addition, sample menus and information about the size porsj also not given so it will be very difficult to adhere to the diet
(Latifah Gusri)


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