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More Choose Zumba Compared Yoga, It Reasons Beautiful Young Doctor Beautiful Cus

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More Choose Zumba Compared Yoga, It Reasons Beautiful Young Doctor Beautiful Cus


Jakarta, Daily life of a young doctor who was on the conversation, Indah Kusumaningrum, is interesting to digunjingkan. Beautiful parasure is sure to make the sick patient heal faster. This young didaulat didaulat become ambassador Layad Rawat by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil. Although he claims to have not come down directly handle the patient, but patients who use this health service is quite a lot. Starting from music, modeling, and acting he had lived.Dari small already dilesin same kind of mother, singing, playing piano, modeling, acting. And it was more tuh sing than others. It turns out that cool medicine is also yes, so baseball can remove both because love is also the same both, he said when encountered in the program d'Hapenning recently.






Inndah Kus, a young doctor active in the entertainment world. Photo: Dikhy Sasra






Also read: Live as a Young Doctor at a Time Singer, It's Beautiful Recognition KusWanita with this slim body also likes to exercise. Beautifully prefer sports that are a lot of movement like zumba than yoga.






For sports, Indah prefers the activity of many movements such as zumba. Photo: Instagram / indahkus_






If yoga I once participate once and boring really, sick again. I'm a person who can not stay long in a single move doang. Must be a movement, obviously prospective doctors who are undergoing co-assistent at Dustira Hospital, Cimahi, West Java.Namun busy in the world of medicine and entertainment makes it not have enough time to exercise. School time is still sports, swimming. But college has never been, he concluded. Want to know more closely with Indah Kus? Do not miss d'Happening's impressions with the beautiful young doctor on Tuesday September 5, 2017, at 14.00 WIB.Read also: Open-Bersama Indah Kus, Multi Talenta Young Doctor (wdw / up)


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