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More closely with Kenneth and Kenzo, the twins are So Viral

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More closely with Kenneth and Kenzo, the twins are So Viral


Jakarta, Kenneth Michael Halim and Kenzo Gabriel Halim. Both are twins Meiske Sunanto couples (31) and Adi Solar Halim (31). Currently, the twins Kenneth and Kenzo aged 3 years and 3 months.

Yes, right on 9 October 2013, Meiske gave birth to twins via caesarean section with different time 2 minutes. Lately, Kenneth cuteness and Kenzo drew the attention of the community. In fact, they're so funny viral action in cyberspace. One is the video when Kenneth and Kenzo tried bleach fat tool that makes the body vibrate. 30 second video uploaded on 24 December 2016 has already seen more than 21 million times and distributed more than 284 thousand times. In the video, Kenneth wearing red dress standing with Kenzo who wears a white shirt. When the vibrating machine, they hand in and laughing. Had success holding balance, Kenneth and Kenzo else fell away.


Meiske says, every day, Kenneth and Kenzo school in Kebon Jeruk area and then, in the afternoon they follow les personality. For example, what they are being taught are patient and manage his emotions. The name twin sons, Kenneth and Kenzo certainly have differences. For the moment, Kenzo enjoyed reading the book while Kenneth was happy with things reserved animals. For the characters, Meiske says Kenzo more sanguinis while Kenneth more melancholy. Kenneth it if he did not like, she was silent and then tears. In case where an easier dihandle, it's because he's more calm Christiansen, said Meiske when talking with recently. Read also: sad story Enchanting Photos behind a pair of Newborn twins, KembarMeski not always Meiske bought Kenneth and Kenzo something similar. Sometimes, he bought something different so that his son could share. Though, the twins also often protest when given something is not the same. Well, if so, Meiske will give understanding and teach that Kenneth and Kenzo had to share. For example, book, then bought a different story to be read by turns. Or a toy tent, just bought one Meiske fruit to Kenneth and Kenzo can share the time to play it. Yes, let them get along well, get along, says Meiske. Hence, whether they are free enough in playing gadget? We dont love gadgets too often for fear of impacting less well to the child's development. But in certain conditions such as more planes, gadgets can ngatasin bored children right Yes. Yes we love, said Meiske. In everyday life, and Adi Meiske trying to more often invites her two sons to interact with nature and the surrounding environment. At home, like sand toys Meiske provides sea, trampoline, face painting, children musical instruments, toy cars, and other toys. For dining, from a young Kenneth and Kenzo are already trained to be able to eat at the dinner table. They were not allowed to eat while playing gadget. Read also: thought to be Pregnant, the mother of Twins Is to engender Infant Weighs 6.3 KgSejak the age of one year, Kenneth and Kenzo are already trained to sleep alone. But, alternately meraka can sleep together with his father and mother. Related rules, parents shared beds Meiske deals with the husband ever forgetfulness. So that night should turn to Kenzo, but precisely the same beds we were Kenneth. Since that time his daddy got ngira Kenneth was Kenzo. Since they are indeed similar to Yes, sometimes her daddy loves forgets Meiske ngenalin, said while laughing. Also got DinyinyiriKenneth and Kenzo is indeed adorable. Moreover, their body fat gets worse make Kenneth and Kenzo appeared chubby and make cruel. Meiske says, the current weight of 31 kg of Kenzo Meanwhile Kenneth 29 kg. Because of his weight, sometimes no comment went sour also come by Meiske. Especially in social media. Meiske exemplifies there are people who say that parents Kenneth and Kenzo feed the children too much. Then, there is also a request that Kenneth and Kenzo more sports. Yes, but we've tried to order from Kenneth Kenzo diet, starting from now. For the future, began a pattern of healthy living, they each afternoon we invite streets, sports. Now I've started to eat its reduced, red rice, said Meiske. Meiske and Adi also received advice from a doctor or anyone around her to start to lose weight the twins. To that end, he now professes to Meiske was trying to lose weight Kenneth and Kenzo. Well, the vagaries of the twins Kenneth and Kenzo are adorable could be seen in the following video:

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